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Here Europe, 16 Sep 2014
Financial Interest Calculator
Our Java-based Interest Calculator allows you to use different Day Count basis in your interest calculations.
There are always some differences between one method and the other. The gross impact of these differences on your calculations will depend on the notional amount, on the interest rate, on the length of the interest period, on the occurrence of leap-years within your interest accrual period.


- The calculation pane will appear here on the left, just after the Java logo. If it does not happen there may be a problem with your internet connection, try reloading the page.
- Enter any desired value in the data fields and press Enter. If the value you entered is not correct, the system will try to guess what would be your correct input choice
- Dates should be in the European DD/MM/YY format
- Select your applicable Day Count Basis from the pane
- If you see ∞ or (∞) in your result, there may be a temporary problem with your internet connection to our server, try reloading the page.

This software is based on Java© and uses our proprietary XIP© technology.
It is a demo provided to you for free and as it is. Please read our Legal Disclaimer.

We appreciate your comments or requests for new features, you can contact us here.


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